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T.I.T.S. / Serve & Protect
Dátum 1. 9. 2022
Čas 20:15
Miesto Záhrada - Centrum nezávislej kultúry

tanečná performance

“Direct Action Theatre pracujú na pomedzí umenia a aktivizmu, ich hlavným obrazovým a symbolickým materiálom sú uniformy zásahovej polície. Aktivisti ich využívajú v absurdných či nezvyklých situáciách, čím chcú strážcov zákona otestovať a zároveň upozornit na to, aké rôzne významy môže slovo polícia mať. “

“If there is a hard, high wall and an egg that breaks against it,
no matter how right the wall or how wrong the egg,
I will stand on the side of the egg.”

Haruki Murakami


Direct Action Theatre: Serve and Protect is new up and coming project initiated by Jan Hajdelak Husták in collaboration with T.I.T.S..

During 2021 and 2022, they aim to work with riot police uniforms as the main visual and symbolic material while recontextualizing and investigating the image of police as an entity and questioning its authority and status quo. As the «Direct Action Theatre» title suggests, we will explore the relationship between protest and performance, bringing elements of protest on stage and bringing the performative and scenic approach back to the public space. Performance as a protest - Protest as a performance. We will create and document an audiovisual physical performance, an exhibition, and multiple interventions in various public contexts both in Norway and internationally.

The project is currently supported by T.I.T.S. performance group, Projektor Pøblene, Østfold International Teater, Grenland Friteater, Rosendal Theatre, Nová Síť, EEA Grants, Kulturrådet, Performing Arts Hub Norway and Kulturkontakt Nord.

Tento projekt z verejných zdrojov podporil Fond na podporu umenia